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Hilot is a very healthy Filipino Style Therapeutic Massage perfected in SE Asia over the centuries. (In addition to being a great massage therapist, Tom is a very good semi-professional photographer, and took the relaxing photo of Napa on your right.) Hilot actually means "massage" or "healer" in Tagalog, the Filipino language. It typically involves a medium deep tissue massage where the CMT uses rapid mixed with slower moving finger and hand pressure over various documented pressure points throughout the back and legs. Its a full body 60 to 90 min. massage, so it also involves relaxing the tension in the head and neck. The medium deep tissue massage techniques we use do NOT cause PAIN - as may have been your experience with "other" deep tissue sessions with other therapists, and our clients find themselves much more relaxed and de stressed than if they had received a much lighter massage technique, such as a straight Swedish massage. (Although a Swedish Massage can be requested.) We will go over your back several times during the session...not just for 5-10 minutes at the beginning. Our goal is to relieve your body of stress and built up tension from your daily life. That will involve returning to the sources of your tension as you reach various stages of relaxation. Many techniques from other massage types (because its Hilot) can be incorporated into a single session to give EACH client a non-sexual therapeutic massage that is customized to their needs. We also may incorporate stretching techniques near the end of the session to help our clients loosen up and remove additional muscle tension. THIS IS A HILOT MASSAGE!
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Our Massage Styles:

And Reflexology

Through Hilot - we can use a combination of styles
 during a single session to bring you a great massage
 tailored to your needs.

Tom specializes in Medium Deep Tissue
 - for clients that have lots of back pain.
 He is great on foot massage, and geriatric patients, and can give a gentle as well as deep tissue massage. His wife carries all the same skills.
 We bring our own equipment.

In your emails, Be SURE to leave us your name, number, if you are a new contact.

We'll go just about anywhere that is reasonable for our time and effort.
 Standard Fee is $60/hr. We can give a full body massage or in our special chair for sessions under 30 mins. Invite us into your business for a corporate chair massage a reduce stress in the workplace...or as an incentive.

Our Contact Numbers:

Email Tom:

Learn About The Benefits Of Massage. 

A massage info site.


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We Make Housecalls
Hilot Massage Services(Within The Bay Area)



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     The webmaster used to live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
     Him and his wife moved to California in early 2003 to become CMT's.

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